I finished my booking but didn’t received any confirmation (details)?
Please check your junk mail, very often that the confirmation gets filtered to your spam. If you haven’t received it please send us an email to aljezur@domo-camp.com.

Can I decide to stay an extra week on the spot?
We can’t guarantee we will have a tent available for you. Preferably try to book this option in advance but feel free to ask us on the spot and we will check it for you.

Can I book an extra person?
Yes, please get in contact with us, we will check the availability and / if it’s possible upgrade you to a bigger tent if needed.

What is the cancelation policy?
For cancellations up to 28 days before the desired rental period, 100% of the amount will be reimbursed if this has already been received on our account.  20€ will be charged as booking fees. If a cancellation is made less than 28 days before the start of the rental period, the following conditions apply:

  • A cancellation takes place within 2 to 4 weeks (15 to 27 days) before the booked rental period: A cancellation fee of 50% of the respective rental fee is charged.
  • If a cancellation is made within the booked rental period and until 14 days before the starting date of your rental, we charge a cancellation fee of 100% of the respective rent.

What other options are available besides cancelation?
You have two options besides cancelation:

  • Let someone else go instead of you. This option is only available until one week prior to your arrival date. Send us an email with all the details (name and contacts of this guest) and we will change it with no additional cost.
  • Rebook your holiday. This option is available up to four weeks before your arrival date. Get in touch with us and we will check the availability for any other date that would suit your calendar.

What is included in the tent?
Our tents are equipped with comfortable single beds (80x200cm) with real mattresses and all the bedding (pillows, blankets, covers and sheets), nightstand, LED-light, power strip, wardrobe set with clothes rack, wall unit, hangers and table mirror, an original Fatboy outdoor beanbag, carpet, fan and a coolbox to make you feel like home.

Is there WiFi in the camp?
There are Wifi access cards available at the reception for really cheap prices 
1h – 1€ / 3h – 2€ / 12h – 5€

How many persons do a tent accommodate?
Our tents accommodate from one to five people. We have two types of tents, one with 12sqm, usually used for two, but you can also book it just for you. And our big renowned DOMO with 24smq and three meter height. Here we can fit three to five people with maximum comfort.

What do i need to bring?
Id or Passport, your european health insurance card or private insurance card, a towel, some warm clothes (can get cold on some nights), and the typical beach things: sun cream, sun shades, flip flops, swimwear, etc.

I am planning to go by myself, should i do it?
Of course, after the first night you will probably know already half the people. You will find amazing people with whom to share all the adventures Algarve has waiting for you.

Where do people come from?
Our guests come mainly from Europe, but some from all over the world. We are a big international family, and you will definitely make friends from all over the world.

Why is it better to arrive on the weekend?
We advise everyone to arrive on the weekend because of our weekly plan of activities, but it also helps to create a group experience when everybody is arriving and leaving more and less at the same time.

Should I bring my own car / rental?
We advise you to. Since you are in the middle of the Natural Park of Costa Vicentina and you don’t want to miss the opportunity to go around and check all the breathtaking landscapes and idyllic beaches, meet the locals and enjoy all the food delicacies Portugal has to offer you at very affordable prices.

Is there place for me to park the car?
Sure, there is a big free car park at the campsite.

What’s the campsite address?
Herdade do Serrão, 8670-121 Aljezur, Portugal

I need a ride, can someone pick me up at the airport, bus or train station?
We cannot pick you up, but we can try to help you with your best options to get to the campsite or recommend you a transfer company. Please check our link “How to get to the surfcamp”.

I have never surfed before, should I come to the surfcamp?
Of course you should come, the majority of our guests have never surfed before so you won't feel at all excluded. We will guide you through your surf baptism and teach you everything you need to know about the waves, wind, surf, surfboards, security standards and surf etiquette.

I have some surf experience, should I book classes also?
Yes, we love to work with guests in intermediate and advanced level. We will focus on practising the perfect take off and flying along the green wall. Or even checking the first turns – up and down and back again … We push you in, we pull you in, we count you in, we scream you in – we will make you ride that glassy crystal clear wall of moving water! Goal: Surfing the green wave, or even using the wall for manoeuvers! Style has many different forms.

Is there a lifeguard at the beach, I am worried about safety?
All beaches we will take you surfing do have lifeguards on duty, besides, all of our Surf Coaches have ISA and FPS licences as surf instructors and lifeguards so you will be well taken cared off.

Can I use the surf material outside the lessons?
We do not advise you to, in order to get your muscles well rested for all the week lessons ahead, but you can rent it for a special fee if you want to stay with the material for the rest of the day.

I didn’t book the surf lessons can I use the surf material?
We have a special price for you to rent our material, we prefer you to book it in advance with your package to ensure that we will have material available for you, but can also be done on site without compromise.

What activities are in the surfcamp?
The activity we want to focus is definitely Surf, but you can also book (or change for one of the surf lesson you booked) a mountain bike tour with a tour guide over the natural park (depending on how many people want to participate), and climbing (also depending on the number of participants). You can also book as an extra Yoga classes and feel free to use all the material we have available on site, from the free swimming pool to the beach volleyball, snorkeling or frisbee, slackline and musical instruments.

We have some available group activities like Pizza party (you will not wanna miss this one, trust us), barbecue night, and many more, all organised in the camp depending on how many persons want to participate.

Is there food available at the campsite?
We will wake you up with a magnificent breakfast, that is included in the packages. All other meals are not included. There is a restaurant, bar and market in the camping grounds and we have communal cooking material that you can use (plates, cutlery, glasses and grill). Also keep in mind Portugal is well known for its gastronomy and there are a lot of local restaurants near where you can eat at very affordable prices.