Where can I buy tickets for Hot Showers & Beauty Land?

Tickets can be purchased online for those who want to buy the general pack with unlimited use. For daily tickets, the purchase is made directly/in person at the place.

Where can I pick up my general pack tickets for Hot Showers & Beauty Land?

Tickets are collected at the same time as the festival bracelet.

What kind of tickets can I buy?

You can buy 2 types of tickets:

  1. At the online store you can buy the general pack with unlimited access during the festival.
  2. At the door of Hot Showers & Beauty Land you can buy an individual ticket.

Can I buy an individual ticket and use it later?

No. If you buy an individual ticket, you must access the Showers & Beauty Land immediately.

Where is the Hot Showers & Beauty Land located?

It is located inside the campsite with exclusive access to the general pass.

Can I use the Hot Showers & Beauty Land if I don't have a general festival pass?


Who can use the Hot Showers & Beauty Land?

Access to the Hot Showers & Beauty Land is exclusive to purchasers of the general festival pass with camping.

Does the festival ticket include access to Hot Showers & Beauty Land?

No. Tickets for Hot Showers & Beauty Land must be purchased separately.

What day do Hot Showers & Beauty Land open?

They open on 03/08/2024 at 2pm.

Until which day are they open?

Until 10/08/2024 at 10pm.

What are the opening hours on the other days?

From 9am to 10pm.

Is there security on site?

Who can enter the space?

Only people who buy a ticket.

How long do I have to use the space?

As soon as you enter Showers & Beauty Land, you have 15 minutes to use the space.

Is there wi-fi/internet in the space?

Can I choose the shower and the position of the mirror/dryer?
No. These are arranged by our staff.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations are possible up to 28 days before check-in date. All returns will be reduced by 2.5% + 15€ for processing and payment fees.

The following cancellation deadlines apply:

- For cancellations made more than 28 days before check-in date, 100% of the invoiced amount (less processing and payment processing fees) will be refunded if it has already been received on our account.

- For cancellations made less than 28 days, inclusive, before check-in date, there is no refund possibility.

- All refunds will be processed within a maximum of 15 business days.

How do I contact you if I still have questions?
If you still have questions or need to talk to us, you can contact us through email hello.portugal@domo-camp.org  or phone +351 91 278 0772 (If we can't answer, send us an SMS/Whatsapp).