Holidays in your own country - that's not only a good idea in Corona times. Even before Corona, around 34% of Germans spent their holidays in Germany, and in the Corona summer of 2020 the figure was as high as 56%. And of course this is not surprising: the uncertain situation in many travel areas, the health risk of the pandemic, but of course also the beauty of German holiday destinations caused a real boom in domestic tourism. But even under normal conditions, this trend has been evident for some time, because holidays in one's own country are also good for the climate. 

Quote from the Schleswig-Holstein Tourism Agency :
"Good morning in the land of the wind - good morning in the real North.
Sometimes it comes from behind, sometimes from the side, but mostly from the front: our famous North German wind. Whether as an autumn storm over the North Sea, as a fresh gust over the wide, flat inland landscapes, as a rustling whisper over the forests and lakes of the Duchy of Lauenburg and Stormarn, or as a stiff breeze at one of the many beautiful Baltic Sea harbours - there is always and everywhere a good wind here in Schleswig-Holstein. Ideal conditions, therefore, for blowing your head clear. For example, on your next beach holiday, during a city trip or in autumn, winter and spring, when it's wonderfully quiet and really nice and lonely here in the true north. A little tip: don't forget your cap. 





The Trappenkamp Adventure Park is one of the most popular excursion destinations in Schleswig-Holstein. On an area of more than 100 hectares, young and old can discover the forest ecosystem with all its charms and playfully learn all about its diversity. A wide range of attractions such as game enclosures, a falconry, barbecue areas, climbing towers, adventure trails and much more make it a varied destination for a day trip. 




The 5-lake trip allows you to get to know Holstein Switzerland from the perspective of its many bodies of water. The winding waterway is about twelve kilometres long, which the boats cover between the landing stages of Malente-Gremsmühlen, Niederkleveez, Timmdorf and Plön-Fegetasche. At a leisurely 15 kilometres per hour, they travel across the five lakes: Dieksee, Langensee, Behlersee, Höftsee and Edebergsee. The trip takes about two hours.



In the Neumünster Wildlife Park there are over 700 animals from more than a hundred different species to admire. From the stick insect to the capybara to Germany's largest polar bear, there is a lot to see. All of this in combination with an adventure playground and the special ambience created by the old trees make the park a beautiful destination for the whole family.




A ride on a trolley offers the opportunity to discover the landscape of central Holstein in an unusual way. With the help of a bicycle pedal drive, you move along a disused railway line through idyllic fields, meadows and forests and have the opportunity to get to know the area entirely at your own pace and far away from road traffic.



Eekholt Wildlife Park offers both children and adults the opportunity to get to know the natural habitats of northern Germany and their present and past inhabitants. The park's inhabitants are waiting for your visit on a site with natural wet meadows, woodland and moors. From A for capercaillie to Z for pygmy goat, there are over 100 different animal species to discover.



There are several lakes in the surrounding area that invite you to swim. There are also many tours through the picturesque surroundings for cycling enthusiasts. 
One day in "Kalifornien" (German for California)? 
If you want to take a trip to the sea, you can reach the beautiful sandy beach "California" from the Baltic Sea resort of Schöneberg in about an hour. 
Water sports fans can let off steam here, but the beach is also ideal for swimming. 
There is also a dog beach here. 



In spring and autumn there is the "Schlemmerköste" in Neumünster.
In addition to burgers, burritos and Belgian waffles, various exhibitors present a wide range of different national specialities and delicacies.
The "Weinköste", on the other hand, makes the hearts of wine fans beat faster. Numerous regional wines invite you to browse and taste.
The calm and serene atmosphere on the pond banks in the city centre, accompanied by live music, make for a great atmosphere and offer the perfect ambience for a relaxed evening. 


Viehbrook Farm is a recognised farm animal Ark. Endangered livestock breeds on the farm include Skudden, Moorschnucken, Thuringian Forest goats and Bunte-Bentheimer pigs, Diepholzer geese, Brakel chickens, Sundheimer chickens and German Sparrowhawks. Scottish Highland cattle are kept on the farm for meat. The animals' products are sold in the farm's own restaurant and farm shop. The animals all run on the farm or in the direct vicinity of the farm and are accessible to visitors.

Schleswig-Holstein has a diverse flora & fauna due to its location.
Harbour porpoise, common seal and grey seal regularly occur in the North Sea. They also reproduce regularly. Only rarely are minke whale, white-beaked dolphin and white-sided dolphin sighted in transit off the German North Sea coast. 
The Baltic Sea is also home to harbour porpoises, seals and grey seals. However, only the harbour porpoise gives birth here. Sightings of harbour seals and grey seals along the German Baltic Sea coast are so far only isolated cases. However, there is hope that larger populations could re-establish themselves here, as was the case in the past. For birds in particular, however, the Baltic Sea is enormously important. Over 9 million birds use the Baltic Sea as a wintering area. The most important areas for sea ducks and other species are lagoons, estuaries and shallow banks. But the coast also has a lot to offer as a breeding area.


Glamping on the farm at "Pfingsten"? No problem! We open our camp already on 18.05. Of course we observe the developments very closely and make responsible decisions. Your safety comes first. Should your trip not be possible due to legal pandemic regulations, we will refund you the full amount.


Viehbrook Farm is located in the middle of Schleswig-Holstein, between Bornhöved and Neumünster in the municipality of Rendswühren:

Hof Viehbrook
Viehbrooker Weg 6
24619 Rendswühren

Reception- (+49) 176 346 25 080